Precision aerospace processing! CNC machining application!

Why the aviation industry needs CNC

Aerospace manufacturerUse CNC machining to assemble and maintain necessary aircraft and space shuttle components. Since a single defect or failure can cause catastrophic consequences in aerospace applications, OEMs in this industry rely on CNC machining to eliminate the risk of human error while manufacturing high-precision parts within tight deadlines.

CNC machinery can even be operated with the highest-quality metals to create parts that can withstand the intense pressures and temperatures inherent in aerospace applications. We at Ardel Engineering are well aware of the many benefits that CNC machining brings to the field of aerospace manufacturing, which is why we take this manufacturing technology as the core of the production process.

Our aerospace machinery workshop uses the most precise and latest technology to manufacture top-notch parts in the aerospace field. We work in a strict climate control environment and manufacture products with strict tolerances. We strive to anticipate and overcome any challenges that our components may face in the field.


Aerospace partsmaterial

Aerospace machining is different from the typical CNC machining process because it requires all metals to have incredibly tight tolerances without sacrificing their ability to withstand flight requirements. The materials used in aerospace projects must be lightweight, durable, and resistant to high temperatures.

Our aerospace machinery workshop uses the latest equipment to process aluminum and stainless steel, the two most commonly used metals in the aerospace industry.

  • aluminum:A lightweight metal with excellent ductility during processing and excellent durability after processing. Due to its corrosion resistance and high electrical conductivity, it is very suitable for a variety of aerospace applications.
  • Stainless steel:It has corrosion resistance and can withstand strong impact and normal wear. It can also withstand scratches, extreme temperatures and low pressure.

In addition to aluminum and stainless steel, we also deal with metals including inconel, titanium and high-stress alloys.