What is the customized metal stamping service? !

What is metal stamping service

Metal stamping is the process of putting flat metal in the form of blanks or coils into a stamping machine. In the press, the surface of the tool and die will appear as a mesh made of metal. Metal stamping includes various sheet metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging and embossing using machine presses or punching machines. This can be a single-stage operation, where each stroke of the press produces the desired shape on the sheet metal part, or it can be done through a series of stages.

metal stamping

Why choose Chienfu

Today, the demand for metal parts for various applications is increasing. We are the industry’s leading manufacturer of custom metal parts. We provide customers with various metal parts at reasonable prices. The reasons for choosing our metal parts manufacturing company are as follows:

  • We provide customers with quality products. The quality of the parts has been included in the planning process. According to customer needs, we manufacture parts in the correct size.
  • We have experienced experts to provide first-class customers with first-class parts. Our parts are made of high-quality raw materials.
  • You can also enjoy on-time delivery by choosing our metal parts supplier. We deliver the metal parts to the correct destination on time.
  • One of the main reasons for choosing our metal parts supplier is reasonable prices. We provide various parts at the lowest price. Our parts manufacturing program can provide 100% part quality.

With CNC machining, customized metal stamping, aluminum extrusion, die-casting and forging services provided by Qianfu, we can become your full-service provider of manufacturing and supply chain management.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We will have someone to serve you!

metal stamping

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