AUTOMOTIVE WORLD in Japan! ChienFu Ventures into the Electric Vehicle Realm!

Welcome to 2024, where ChienFu Enterprise takes center stage at the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD exhibition in Japan! AUTOMOTIVE WORLD is a comprehensive showcase of vital automotive industry topics, covering automotive electronics, connected vehicles, autonomous driving, electric vehicles/hybrids/fuel cell vehicles, lightweighting, processing technologies, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and sustainable mobility. ChienFu Enterprise will showcase innovative technologies and solutions in the electric vehicle sector, promising surprises for all attendees!


Electric Vehicles: Shaping the Future, Key Role of Aluminum Processing

With electric vehicles becoming the future mainstream, ChienFu Enterprise emphasizes crucial technologies, particularly in aluminum processing. Aluminum processing not only lightens vehicle structures but also enhances energy efficiency, aligning with the future trends of sustainable mobility. At the exhibition, ChienFu Enterprise will demonstrate its cutting-edge CNC machining technologies, providing electric vehicle manufacturers with high-quality and lightweight solutions.


Your right-hand assistant in CNC machining

We look forward to creating possibilities together for the development of the electric vehicle industry!
Throughout this journey, we will provide rich visuals and videos, sharing moments of technological innovation from ChienFu Enterprise and the excitement of the exhibition floor. Stay tuned for updates on our exhibition activities—an event in the automotive industry that cannot be missed!
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