[Digital Transformation Train] Thousand-Wealth Enterprises: “Smart” Manufacturing, Gross Profit, Brand

Group photo of Qianfu Sloky and several friends from the headquarters visiting

I don’t know how many times the editor Leo has introduced the company’s brief introductions, but not once is the same as the digital transformation train, and all aspects have been carefully explained. After in-depth talks with general manager Jeff, I also learned more about Jeff’s understanding of the company. Vision and goals; also in the process of the students’ questions and our serious responses, it also allows us to face the company and ourselves very truthfully, allowing the editor to talk about the past of Qianfu and Sloky from a lot of perspectives that we did not expect. And the future is really a private board of directors that makes people think deeply. I am very grateful to the visiting teachers and friends. I hope that Qianfu will let everyone learn a little bit. But in fact, Qianfu itself and myself are the most beneficiaries.

Finally, I also share the link of the digital headquarters and the following text here, thank you!

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The fifth digital transformation train

This number of transfers came to Qianfu Enterprise Co., Ltd., which has been established for 42 years. In recent years, in response to the transformation and development of the brand, revenue has increased significantly. Qianfu, who started from OEM, also encountered the dilemma of Taiwan’s foundry industry. , And five years ago, Qianfu general manager Zhuang Weijie and project manager Zhuang Xiangjie, brothers and brothers founded their own brand Sloky. Today, Sloky has accounted for 23.5% of Qianfu’s revenue. The co-branding method has created their own reputation. When entering the Qianfu factory, almost all of them can be seen with the Sloky logo. Project manager Zhuang Xiangjie pointed out that in order to be well-known, everyone in the company must first recognize their brand. .

In recent years, there has been a wave of digital transformation around the world, especially under the influence of the epidemic last year, which has accelerated the speed of digital transformation. Qianfu has also joined the journey of digital transformation in the past two years.


Thousands of wealth, who rely on OEM orders alone, feel that customer orders will disappear if the economy is down. Therefore, the idea of developing its own brand was born. Thousands of wealth general manager Zhuang Weijie also bluntly said in order to survive!

General Manager Zhuang Weijie spent three years, continuous improvement and continuous improvement, laborious and liver-intensive, successfully developed his own patent, and in 2013 formally established his own brand “Sloky” with Taiwanese homophonic locks, and selected the marketing strategy in Europe, The United States, Japan and other major companies have jointly used various occasions that need to be applied to torque screwdrivers. This marketing strategy has also shown effectiveness, which has significantly increased Qianfu’s revenue. Today, Sloky has accounted for 23.5% of Qianfu. Revenue.

At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, Qianfu participated in exhibitions all over the world in order to gain the name of Sloky. Every time after the exhibition, all the materials were left for SEO. The Emperor did not take the pains, and Sloky won the Taiwan Excellence Award and exhibited vigorously at the American Hardware Show. Out.

Digital transformation

Qianfu’s digital transformation has just begun. It follows the three major elements of organization, process, and system, and is advancing step by step in accordance with the steps of digitizing first, then optimizing, and finally digital transformation. Currently, ITRI is used in cooperation with the Industrial Technology Research Institute. The technology allows the old equipment to be connected to the Internet, and all the equipment is put on the Sensor and made into a visual management. You can see the status, production sequence, load, etc. of each machine in the situation room. It also introduces HRM to make human resource management easier. Checking in to and from work, asking for leave, etc. can be easily handled with one click, and the executives also need to use electronic sign-offs to read the piles of papers and materials like in the past.

And Qianfu’s ambitions don’t stop there. General Manager Zhuang Weijie puts forward that the biggest core goal is to “empower employees.” On the journey of digital transformation, it trains digital talents, innovative DNA, and BI introduces planning and management. The greatest value of a company lies in Every employee, if they can effectively train their employees, effectively improve efficiency and allow each employee to improve themselves, the company’s revenue will have a greater and more significant increase.

Private board

During the transfer to the train, a number of headquarter staff members were attended by Teacher Wang Jingyu and Teacher Fan Xin and gave suggestions. During the meeting, Teacher Wang Jingyu proposed: “ITRI’s plan is to let every machine have an interface to connect to the computer crop network, isn’t that right? The more you connect, the higher the maintenance cost?” and “Product growth, the market needs to be bigger and bigger, so what should you do if you only have these factories today?” Teacher Fan Xin said: “The turnover will be increased since 2018. If there is no change, shouldn’t it be necessary to ignore the current customers occupying the production line, which will affect the limit of future turnover, but also to make the turnover target for the next few years, discard the corresponding part, and concentrate the resources.”, The valuable suggestions of the industry teachers also pointed out that we should think more carefully to reduce unnecessary change costs. At the same time, we should also think about the third-generation succession, the introduction of digital systems, and the adjustment of employees in the pain period.


In the end, Wang Jingyu put forward three key points of digital transformation:

  1. Start with the end

  2. Trans-parallel space-time system

  3. Leader’s full participation

Qianfu Sloky and several friends from the headquarters are listening to the general manager’s talk about ancient times

Qianfu Sloky and several friends from the headquarters are listening to the introduction of the general manager’s machine