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Chienfu X SLOKY Participated in Automotive World in Tokyo, Japan

Exhibition name:Automotive World 2023 Japan Exhibition Introduction:AUTOMOTIVE WORLD is a combination of exhibitions & conferences covering important topics in the automotive industry such as automotive electronics, connected car, autonomous driving, EV/HV/FCV, lightweight, processing technology and MaaS. Exhibition date:2023/01/24 – 2023/01/26 Exhibition location :Tokyo Big Sight, Japan 【About Automotive World】 As the first international exhibition in 2023 […]

Automotive World Japan 27A-12 – Chienfu’s first exhibit in 2023!!!

It’s been three years since the epidemic and during this period of time, many exhibitions have been changed to online. However, the online exhibition is still different from the actual on-site one and there is no way to communicate to each other face-to-face.In this era of increasing globalization, going out and communicating with each other […]

Interview with Lingyang Information: Chienfu  enterprises optimize customer service and efficiency through digital management, and implement experience inheritance! Interview with Lingyang Information

Interview with Lingyang Information: Chienfu enterprises optimize customer service and efficiency through digital management, and implement experience inheritance! Interview with Lingyang Information: https://www.gsscloud.com/tw/user-story/1845-vital-chienfu?utm_source=brochure&utm_medium=offline&utm_campaign=userstory_2022 The digital transformation of Chienfu Enterprise began with the second-generation successor general manager Zhuang Weijie and project manager Zhuang Xiangjie. The family began to engage in traditional machining in the previous generation, […]

Company benefits

Chienfu-Tec Co., LTD. is my home, and it is our responsibility to care for employees and let colleagues play their full potential. In addition to focusing on work, we also care about the balance between your life and work. In addition to providing a high-quality and friendly working environment, attaching importance to the growth of […]

Fiber optic arrays

Chienfu-Tec Co., LTD. assists the International Cooperation Program of the Astronomical Institute of Academia Sinica to develop and produce the fixed torque locking technology of optical fiber arrays!

T Ambassador – Digital Youth Transformation Seed Empowerment Program

Chienfu-Tec Co., LTD. for the school’s young students health, continue the spirit of sports! Encourage students to bravely pursue their dreams. For the Taipei Xinyi National High School Basketball Team, support and promote the sponsorship of sports, I hope that young students can also give them a stage to build dreams in addition to schoolwork, […]

Industry-academia cooperation

In order to give back to the society, Chienfu-Tec Co., LTD. has been deeply involved in Taiwan for more than 40 years, hoping to contribute to the company’s strength from the beginning of 2021 to launch THE SLOKY products and the industry-university cooperation plan of relevant schools, combining higher vocational (five specialties) and technical vocational […]

T Ambassador – Digital Youth Transformation Seed Empowerment Program

Thousand rich enterprises and Yanyang Information through the cooperation of enterprise teams to respond to the government to promote the T Ambassador- digital youth transformation seed empowerment program, for the future company’s talent advance layout, the simultaneous development of innovative business models and technologies, to expand the market and drive youth pay growth goals, through […]

precision machining services

Chienfu-Tec Co., Ltd. ,we provide a variety of precision processing services, including the entire production process. High-precision machinery for handling conventional lathes, milling, drilling, bending and cutting, and grinding parts. Through certified suppliers, we can also provide heat treatment, welding, electroplating, painting and lightning carving and other post-processing services. After production is completed, the finished […]

swiss screw

Swiss screw processing is a low-derogation parts manufacturing and processing method, using Swiss-style processing equipment. It differs from other machining equipment in that it uses a catheter bushing to minimize the distance between the spindle and the cutting tool. This design is designed for small parts and is also suitable for slender parts, otherwise skew […]