What is CNC lathe processing (computer numerical control lathe)?

CNC lathe processing (computer numerical control lathe) is a processing method commonly used in various manufacturing industries. It is mainly driven by digital signals. The main body of the lathe is driven by a motor to drive the workpiece on the spindle chuck through electric drive. Rotate, and then use the turning tools fixed on the tool holder to perform turning processing. The main workpieces are round bars. The lathe will be equipped with various standard and special tools. In terms of materials, it can process titanium, aluminum, copper, iron, alloy steel, Various materials such as stainless steel, bakelite, POM or Teflon, suitable for various precision-machined parts


The design of CNC lathe processing machine will also be divided into core type, tool type lathe and CNC turning and milling combined processing machine (turning function is the main, milling function is supplemented, and it has all the functions of CNC lathe processing machine). Simple and complex processing procedures (for example: round bars, spiral parts, springs, bearings, gears, cams, screws, linear slides, etc. applications). Generally, CNC turning and milling machining machines can be used on more complex and special machining parts.