Zeiss 3次元量測儀器

precision machining services

Chienfu-Tec Co., Ltd. ,we provide a variety of precision processing services, including the entire production process. High-precision machinery for handling conventional lathes, milling, drilling, bending and cutting, and grinding parts. Through certified suppliers, we can also provide heat treatment, welding, electroplating, painting and lightning carving and other post-processing services. After production is completed, the finished product will also be inspected and clean packaging shipped.

Zeiss 3次元量測儀器We produce many different quantities of parts. Whether your component contains a part or a group part, even if it requires special machining, we manufacture countless precision parts for the aerospace, medical, commercial, military and 3C industries.
We use the latest and best-in-class software to handle all your surface designs. The innovation team accepts every concept and makes it your best supplier.

Chienfu Boshi