ChienFU & Sloky on Tokyo M-Tech 6/21-23;Booth # East Hall 5 40-2

M-Tech Japan, as a significant international industrial exhibition, is set to take place from June 21 to 23 in Japan, bringing together industry professionals and entrepreneurs under one roof. Chienfu will also be participating in this grand event, showcasing their latest technologies and innovations to the world.


What is Tokyo M-Tech ?

M-Tech Japan is one of the largest manufacturing technology exhibitions in Asia, attracting exhibitors and professionals from around the world each year. The exhibition covers a wide range of industries, including machinery, automation, tools, and manufacturing technologies. It provides a rare opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their latest technologies and products while fostering exchange and collaboration within the industry.

Chienfu’s New Machine, DMG NTX 1000

ChienFu  will be unveiling their proud achievement, the latest machine DMG NTX 1000, at M-Tech Japan. This machine combines advanced CNC technology with exceptional precision machining capabilities, bringing about significant breakthroughs in the manufacturing industry. The DMG NTX 1000 boasts efficient processing capabilities and a user-friendly interface, catering to diverse production needs. With its high precision, speed, stability, and durability, this machine can operate for extended periods in various environments.

DMG NTX-1000

Chienfu participation promises to bring surprises and inspiration to visitors at M-Tech Japan. If you are interested in manufacturing technology and the latest industrial equipment, be sure to visit Chienfu at booth East 5 Hall 40-2 to learn more about their innovative products leading the industry. Don’t miss out on M-Tech Japan, a journey to forge a brighter future together.

DMG NTX-1000