Why do we need to order bolts? Are there some caveats? !

To have a good product, special product customized parts are indispensable! But those specific functions require exclusive manufacturing processes. By ordering customized micro screws and fasteners, you can make the product as individual as possible.
There are 131,949 employees in the American screw, nut and bolt industry, and all of these people play a role in manufacturing unique parts for your business. In Taiwan, Thousand Fortune Enterprises will be your first choice for custom bolts!

Micro screw related information

Features of customized shoulder bolts:

Unlike traditional bolts and fasteners, shoulder bolts have a rotatable shoulder that can make the product move dynamically.
This product is usually used in machinery, plastic molding, aerospace and automotive industries. The product process can be customized according to your business needs.

Why order custom shoulder bolts?

Although we can easily buy shoulder bolts from major hardware stores, these general-purpose products may not be entirely suitable for your purpose.
When choosing to customize these bolts, you can ensure precision and precise fit. Your customized bolt will have a head, thread and shoulder, which can work harmoniously. This can improve the quality of your products.

Things to consider when ordering custom bolts! Just like ordering custom miniature screws, there are multiple factors that need to be considered to determine the priority of accuracy:

  • Shoulder size:Although the rotating shoulder adds a unique function to the bolt, it is important to order the correct length and diameter.
  • material:Most shoulder bolts are made of alloy steel or similar strong alloys. Brass, stainless steel and even plastic are other common choices。

  • hardness
    You want to choose a material that is strong enough to suit the purpose of the product, but not too hard to be flexible enough.
  • Thread lengthJust as the shoulder should have the right size, be sure to order the bolt with the required thread diameter and length.
  • Drive type:Like custom screws, bolts can also be used for different drive types. For example, consider using hex drives, square drives, or tamper-proof drives.

By taking dimensional measurements multiple times and ensuring that the bolts are most suitable for your purpose, you can use these features for higher quality products.
This attention to detail can promote your business development and increase customer satisfaction.
Customization is the key to creating a competitive advantage-staying creative.Any questions related to processing materials are welcome to contact us directly!